3 Massages For 90 Bucks To Celebrate Growth Beyond

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(Newswire.net — September 9, 2013) Broomfield, Colorado Rob Hundley had a vision to create a massage and alternative health clinic that was affordable yet provided a high end service to individuals.

The only stumbling block that Rob came up against was being able to find people who had the same vision in alternative therapy until he found Theresa. Now she has joined the practice as a professional therapist. Rob stated that “We can now move forward in the right direction. From a seed we have started to grow, Theresa is an excellent alternative therapist and her
dedication will help us to offer an outstanding service to our clientele. She will support our other staff by joining us.” Rob has identified a need in the community. As well as looking toward the future with a business mind, he always has the vision of giving more to help the individual who is on the path to healing.

New Health Club Coming

The growth does not stop there. Rob is investing for the future by developing an even stronger online presence and opening a Health and Wellness club for his customers with the sole purpose of education for the mind, body and spirit. This new online club will facilitate lessons to help educate the individual in Health and therapy. This new club will also provide his loyal customers with discounts on services at the clinic and new services to be integrated. He is also aiming to run workshops and health days to help educate people on better living. The reality of this business is not only one of financial concern, but the benefits to the
community and those who may suffer from illness, psychological issues or joint inflammation and pain is truly remarkable. One only has to see the changes within peoples’ lives to truly
understand this.

Recent Additions

As well as the new staff member and extra services, Rob has installed a state of the art sound system to help with the healing processes. This works on waves in the ether that help to calm and soothe – making your experience one you will never forget. Rob exclaims “ Now my customers can come and relax in our Infra red sauna and bathe in wonderful music that will help dissipate the daily stress.”

Celebrate with a special Deal

Beyond Bodywork welcomes these new Changes with open arms and to that end has developed a one time only online deal for new clients and old in order to celebrate Theresa Joining the scheme. You can go online to the website and get 3 full massage deals for
90 dollars – That’s 30 dollars a full body massage, which is not heard of too often. You can also receive a 15% discount on all other services by mentioning this article and that’s a way to save. There is no doubt the Beyond Bodywork team are growing but at the same time never losing sight of what is important and that is the client’s comfort and health first. Call Beyond Bodywork or go online and reserve your appointment or even just come for a chat and see what there is to offer.


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