Early Childhood Reading – Fallacy or Proven Education Science?

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(Newswire.net — September 10, 2013) Bozeman, MT 

Age of Montessori, a provider of Montessori certification programs for teachers and parents, has released an early childhood reading DVD for adults working with children 2 to 6 years old. The Royal Road to Reading is a DVD training series focusing on early childhood language development that aims to improve the ability of parents and teachers to help children build their language skills.

Studies have shown that children are most receptive to developing language skills during the neurological “sensitive periods” of their younger years. With the help of this DVD, parents, teachers and individuals working with young children can make the most of these periods when the child’s mind is “absorbent” and has the spontaneous desire to learn. The training material is presented using techniques that are scientific and backed by decades of research, providing simple methods that develop the foundation for early childhood reading comprehension.

The Royal Road to Reading was developed by Montessori Master Teachers Mary Ellen Maunz and Randall Klein. To help those involved in early childhood reading and education better understand the process,  Maunz and Klein have used simple Montessori lessons and activities that can be presented by parents at home and by teachers in the classroom. The activities included in the series are specifically designed to guide children down the path to solid literacy, beginning with developing a strong vocabulary. Parents and teachers can interact with children using these early childhood reading and literacy-building materials.

“A rich vocabulary opens a child to the world of knowledge,” says Klein. “It also improves an individual’s ability to communicate.”

Vocabulary is considered one of the essential first components in building literacy and a critical aspect in developing early childhood reading skills in young children. The Royal Road to Reading is the perfect tool since it focuses on the sequence of how a child learns to read: vocabulary, sounds, letters, words and sentences.

In an interview regarding the DVD series, Mary Ellen Maunz stated: “The training we present has decades of a successful track record and we want to make it widely available,” said Maunz. “The Royal Road to Reading DVD is intended to provide a solution to America’s literacy crisis that is affordable for everyone.”

Age of Montessori has positioned itself as an innovator in online Montessori teacher training and educational products for parents and teachers. The team of Montessori educators and Master Teachers has been working for 35 years in the field of early childhood reading and education. Now located in Bozeman Montana, they state that they are committed to finding solutions to the low levels of literacy occurring in the United States.

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