Retail Express Inventory Software Delivers Stock Control for Business

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( — September 7, 2013) Sydney, NSW – Leading retail software provider Retail Express is going from strength to strength in the retail inventory management software space, with many businesses reaping the benefits of the innovative single-database architecture of its POS system.


Traditional point of sale systems deployed in multi-outlet businesses usually utilise a separate database at each store location. A legacy of systems originally designed in the 80s and 90s, this approach can have several drawbacks including: data falling out of sync between stores and head office, a need to perform regular data backups at each location, and significant IT infrastructure maintenance costs.


Retail Express circumvents all these issues by hosting both the customer’s retail data and back-end software at its state of the art $85 million ICO Corporate Data Centre in Sydney. This cloud based solution ensures the uptime, safety and security of Retail Express customer data. There is no expensive local IT equipment to install; and using the web-connected POS systems retail, retailers can keep close tabs on their inventory in real time from any location.

The remote hosting does not translate into reduced functionality, however, with Retail Express able to match other top industry packages in terms of features offered. These include a powerful SQL database engine, the ability to upload and transfer details of thousands of items of stock, comprehensive reporting, and seamless integration with in-store and web-connected POS.


The point of sale components of Retail Express have been praised by many for their powerful range of functions, combined with an intuitive user interface that is extremely easy to learn.

Customers who have benefitted from the EPOS software’s ease of use include Kenjy of Witty Swiftly. He says that Retail Express is, overall, “very easy to use and easy to learn.”

According to comments logged at the Retail Express website, for Kenjy and other software users, this has meant better productivity, fewer errors, and most importantly, a better work/life balance.


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