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( — September 10, 2013) Wallingford, CT —  Every company will likely need to take advantage of Commercial Loans at some point. Few companies have the cash flow to support every one of their business needs all the time. This is especially true for those who want to expand. There are ups and downs, peak and valleys, in every industry and even strong businesses need help during difficult economic times. Those who are profitable enough to support expansion may want to take on some debt to invest in their infrastructure, training programs, or to purchase other commercial companies to diversify their operations.

What Could YOUR Business do Today
 with an Additional $10,000 to $250,000?

Expansion & Renovation
Cash Flow
Working Capital
Invest in Newer Technology
Insurance & Tax Payments

Hire Additional Staffing
Bulk Supply Purchase
Purchase Equipment
Consolidate Debt

Having some debt is actually helpful as it gives commercial business flexibility to invest in real assets that have physical value. If the investment is going into salable merchandise or raw materials that are going to be manufactured in to products for sale, then they must make enough profit to pay for the commercial mortgage. However, borrowing to invest in new equipment, real estate, or other resources that will appreciate in value over time, is smart. This is a way to use inflation to support the borrowing as the purchases will have more value over time. Companies that keep all their commercial assets in cash will see a net decline in value as inflation increases. If the business slows, there will be greater losses that could make all the savings disappear.

The commercial loan rates tend to run about 10 – 12%, which makes a plan even more important. This is a valuable resource for every company of every size. Large corporations will need to borrow just as much as a small home business, the only difference is scale. Bigger businesses will need larger loans to get by in the short-term. Small businesses have a great opportunity to establish valuable credit with lenders, which makes these loans an important asset for every company to use. As more credit is established, larger loans can be taken out which will make it possible to grow the business even faster.

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