Auto Repair Shop in Panama City Goes Hollywood

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( — September 11, 2013) Panama City, FL 

Gears Transmissions, a well-known auto repair shop in Panama City, is proud to announce that they are starring in a reality TV show. Gears started on a local TV network and will soon be launched nationwide!

The company has just finished filming the pilot episode with the Hollywood Production company “Bishop-Lyons Entertainment”.  Currently, it is being edited in Hollywood before its major launch in test markets across the US.

Gears Transmissions offers multiple services. They have been recognized one the best auto repair companies in the Panama City. With their professional staff, their customers are confident that they are getting the best services possible.

Gears makes it their goal to build customer relationships that will last for years to come. Gears provides transmission and auto repair services in Panama City. The company also provides a nationwide warranty that is valid at more than 2500 locations. Whatever the issue, Gears always comes through at a reasonable and affordable price.

With their upcoming reality show, the company is excited to get their story out to the world and educate others about the automotive repair industry. Gears hopes that people will not only be entertained but that they will learn valuable information that could save them money and prevent premature or unnecessary car repair and maintenance services.

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