Kick Mats The Best Item I’ve Ever Bought For My Car!

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( — September 16, 2013) Las Vegas, NV 

In general, it’s pretty easy to identify a vehicle driven by parents with children under 10. Car seats in the back are a dead giveaway, but without that there’s still evidence. The back seat is usually jammed with stuff and the back side front seats look like they went through a war zone.

Now there’s a way to both protect the seats thanks to Freddie and Sebbie – Kick Mats.

Kick Mats slide over the back of the front seats to create a barrier between children, their feet and anything they may want to throw at the seat. It amounts to flexible armor for your seat that puts on and comes off in seconds.

Christine, a parent from New York, had this to say, “The Freddie and Sebbie Kick Mats were the BEST item I bought for my car. They fit any car seat absolutely perfect, and are nice enough that they even look like they could’ve came with the new car from the dealership. They have protected my new car seats from many unwanted stains. Although I love my new car, I absolutely love my son and had to come up with a way to protect my car without constantly hounding my son to be careful with his shoes. With these kick mats, you will NEVER have to worry about stains getting on your seats again. These kick mats are an essential item for any car, and anyone who has kids and/or has just bought a new car. I could almost garantee that you will love this item.” To read her full review, visit

The quick-install covers can be put on by anyone and are designed to fit the backside of front seats on most any vehicle. The strong fabric won’t damage a car while providing a tremendous level of protection.

This Freddie and Sebbie product also comes with a lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee. If the kids somehow manage to damage Kick Mats enough to make them unusable, simply contact Freddie and Sebbie and another set will be on the way.

Sold exclusively through Amazon, Kick Mats have a 71 percent 5-star rating. Adding in the 4-star rating and the customer approval rate climbs into the 80 percent range.

Kick Mats are shipped two per case which means the driver and passenger front seat can be protected.

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