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(Newswire.net — September 16, 2013) The Dalles, Oregon 

Marketing Strategist Brad Harmon is conducting a local marketing case study and needs volunteers to receive $497 of online marketing help for FREE as part of his beta-test for a new marketing strategy.

“It’s simple. I’m helping business owners, who do business in a local geographical area, establish themselves as the go-to guy or gal in their community,” began Harmon, “helping them to claim their place as a market leader and trusted resource for local consumers.”

“Authority and Social Proof are two of the biggest buying triggers that most small business professionals overlook,” Harmon explain. “Big companies have big bucks to invest in branding and internet search domination, but can always be out-paced by local experts that support and invest in the local community. Too many small businesses have tried to hunker down and weather out the struggling economy instead of claiming their place at the head of the economic table by becoming the local go-to guy or gal who is trusted to solve the consumer’s problems and fulfill their needs and wants.”  

Studies show that people prefer to buy from people they know, like and trust. In the absence of a local expert, people will default to heavily-marketed national brands. Harmon is helping small business professionals create consumer confidence and attract more customers, clients and patients back to locally owned businesses.

“This case study is perfect for business services such as Lawyers, Accountants, Insurance Agents and Consultants, Trade Service providers (Plumbers, HVAC, Janitorial), General Contractors, and of course, specialty health care professionals (Dentists, Optometrists, Podiatrists, Chiropractors, Medical Spa’s etc.). Any business or professional who solves a problem or offers a service is the perfect candidate for this case study,” Harmon continued. “But this is not for everyone; only business professionals who are looking to distinguish themselves as market leaders and offer excellent customer service.”

Harmon interviews the business owner as a local expert in their field and then posts the recording across the internet and allows the business to use it on their website and in their social media. The videos are set up to display well in local search engine results and drive traffic back to the business.

“We are testing long-term proven strategies using new technology to get the message to the local consumer,” Brad stated. “We post the recording where people are looking for information and establishing the local business as the go to expert for that market. Results from the study so far are very encouraging and most participants are finding the process to be simple and educational.”

If you’re a business professional and would like to participate in the case study please contact Brad@YouBeAllYouAre.com to apply. “I can only take one business from an industry in a specific geographical area, so claim your place in this study ASAP. I have a limited number of spots left in this beta-test and case study,” Harmon warned. “Our goal is to help as many businesses as we can during the beta phase and get as much data as we can before rolling the service out nationwide.”

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