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( — September 23, 2013) Alexandria, VA — 

Back on July 24, 2013 Local Partnership Joint Market Solutions, LLC owner, Michael J. Larkin declared, what amounts to business war on those in business that have the goal and or end result of ripping off small, medium and large businesses, (Read More Here).

Reputation Management has evolved into Reputation Marketing.  In a recent Fox News Update, they reported how scammers are now leveraging the power of review sites in order to threaten businesses. They shamelessly use extortion to get what they want because they know that simply posting a scathing, negative review can hit a business hard where it hurts… their profits. Watch this now and learn how you can protect yourself.  (Click For Fox News Video).

Reputation Management and local internet marketing experts in Alexandria, VA, LPJM Solutions, LLC, has focused their fight to help their business partners to become the authority in their industries.  President & CEO, Michael J. Larkin is calling out those who would look to extort goods and services by threatening business owners with posting reputation damaging bad reviews online.  “The best way I seek to win this fight is to offer addition bonus services that have resulted in thousands of dollars in real value included to those who join us for a limited time.”

Forecasters have predicted, based on the fact that Google, and other search sites 5 star review ratings for businesses, have returned.  Also, 4 million businesses will be seeking Reputation Management in the next year.  According to economists at the University of California, Berkley study, published in the Economic Journal, “A slight half-star improvement in rates can increase a company’s bottom-line by as much as 19%.”  Mr. Larkin asks, “What would happen if there was a way to have a larger star rating increase, and maintain the top star ratings month in and month out?  Seriously, what would that do to the bottom-line?”

Some business owners feel safe in that they do not have any reviews, good or bad.  Meanwhile, their competitors are actively seeking satisfied customers to write reviews on behalf of their business experience with their company.  As a result, without any reviews, people will not trust your company.  People might trust your company with 6 or more reviews.  However, with 10 good reviews, people will actually make a buying decision with a company.

Here is what some of LPJM Solutions, LLC fans are saying and rating them online:

“Mike Larkin is a professional. As professionals we want our reputations to be excellent. We want to keep it that way and enhance it by working with professionals with a great reputation. Mike is one of those people. Mike is knowledgeable, responsive, reputable and supportive. He knows the value of helping others succeed and does that with integrity. I recommend Mike Larkin. “  John K Arnold

“Mike provided valuable insight to my company’s online reputation and some of the things that I needed to do to improve my exchange with customers. This was a very valuable service and he can explain the in’s and out’s of his services to help your business.”   Jeff Yoe

“Hi, I wanted to write this review to express my thanks to Michael from Local Partnership Joint Market Solutions for taking the time and effort to really explain and help me to understand the process of online reputation. If you have the opportunity to speak to this man concerning your online presence, I strongly suggest you take the time and listen closely.”   Rob Hermann

For those companies that do not have a full time reputation management or marketing system in place, LPJM Solutions, LLC is revealing their patient pending proprietary system with a FREE limited time only customized Reputation Report that otherwise has a $197 value.  “Nobody but the folks at LPJM Solutions, LLC ever sees this information and we hate spam and have never and will never offer for sale or otherwise any information we gather to anyone, ever.”

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