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( — September 26, 2013) Tampa, Fl — 

Home movies became popular in the 1950’s with affordable projector equipment. The 1980’s created a new paradigm for home video with multi-channel audio systems and laser discs. Home theater technology progressed in the 1990’s, and continuing throughout much of the 2000’s  with the introduction of  DVD discs,  surround sound speaker systems, and high-definition television (HDTV).  Beginning in 2010, 3D television technology and blu-ray discs have, once again, pushed through a new era for home theater.

Our new technological era has without a doubt improved with convenient advances that were once enjoyed outside the home, bringing these into our home to be enjoyed as before.  Movies, for example, are fun and a great way to enjoy a night out or time away from home, but sometimes whether it be laziness, the weather or whatever it may be, you just do not feel like going out.  What better situation than to have the convenience of a movie theater installed in your own home? 

            A home theater is a theater built in a home also known as a home cinema and designed to perform and give you the feeling of being at the theater. Nowadays home theater systems capture the real “cinema experience” in the privacy of your own home.While movie theaters remain on top of the list as fun things to do, understanding the benefits of a custom home theater can create a night of enjoyment in our own personal space with many added benefits such as:  1- Being able to eat whatever you wish in front of your own home theater while enjoying your favorite movie, 2-Staying at home on a rainy night or during cold weather,  3- Being able to pause your movie if you need a break, 4- Being as comfortable as you can be by sitting or laying on your favorite piece of furniture.

            With the experience and expertise of 25 years of business in home theater installation, Sound and Vision Design guarantees the best home theater design and home theater installation with the most up to date technology in the Tampa Bay area.  As custom integrators, their continuing education in the industry brings the most up to date technology, delivering and serving any technological requirement, giving your home the sound and vision like no other.

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