Genoo Introduces New Demand Generation Certification

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( — September 27, 2013) Minneapolis, MN —  Genoo introduces a new Demand Generation certification, available through the Online Marketing Institute, that offers marketers curriculum that will allow them to quickly master the fundamentals to excel at driving leads and growing revenue.  Kim Albee, President of Genoo, and Scott Jacobson, President of Your Next Best Step, developed the seven-course series. The curriculum is designed for those new to online marketing, and experienced practitioners looking to broaden their skills. It is ideal for marketers at small and mid-sized businesses.

“Small and midsize marketers can use the fundamentals they will learn in this course to stay competitive, even if they don’t have a lot of money or resources available for marketing,” says Kim Albee, President of Genoo and one of the instructors for the course.  See an overview video for the program on YouTube at

The term “demand generation,” describes marketing that increases awareness of and demand for a company’s products or services. It has been described as the next generation of Inbound Marketing. According to Albee, the goal of Demand Generation is to convert visitors to websites, social media sites and other marketing activities such as email campaigns into leads. These leads are then nurtured with content until they are ready to be approached by a sales team.

“My goal is for everyone who takes these courses to understand how to use their website more effectively for marketing,” says Albee. “Many SMBs treat their websites like a brochure. Demand generation is a powerful tool that allows businesses to turn their websites into selling devices. Using these tactics, businesses can achieve marketing success with fewer resources, but this requires knowing both fundamentals and the latest developments.”

“We applied the content we learned from Kim on how to think about Demand Generation and immediately applied it to how we approach content and develop calls-to-action in our day-to-day marketing activities and have seen great results in our lead generation, how we structure our website, and how we can help Sales use social media to network and build relationships,” said Caroline Reginato, Marketing Specialist, Voice & Data Networks, Inc.

The curriculum will teach the following concepts:

    •    Why lead generation is crucial for every business.
    •    What a “perfect customer” profile looks like.
    •    Methods for designing content that engages visitors and leads.
    •    Which activities drive lead generation.
    •    The value of email marketing.
    •    How to build and automatically trigger lead nurturing sequences.
    •    Ways marketing can help align sales and marketing for greater success for both teams.
    •    Why marketing metrics must be real-time, and how to tweak a campaign based on the results.

To find out more or to register for the Demand Gen Certification, please visit:

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