Front Range Nonprofit Partners With Denver Marketing Agency

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( — October 2, 2013) Fort Collins, Colorado— The Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Colorado nonprofit myTeamTriumph has teamed up with Mile High Mobile Marketing in order to increase their online exposure. Like a lot of charities, they were encountering troubles getting their message out. “There are a lot of people out there that would love to help us out,” says Hadyra Stinebuck, marketing and fundraising coordinator for myTeamTriumph. “By working with Mile High Mobile Marketing, we’re now able to reach those people, let them know who we are, what we stand for, and how they can be a part of our cause.”


MyTeam Triumph offers disabled people of all ages the chance to participate in area races and athletic events by providing ride along programs. They provide everything racers would need to participate, including boats, harnesses, trailers, and chairs. It is their mission through their contributions to ensure that everyone, regardless of physical ability, get to enjoy the thrills and the excitement that comes from finishing a race.


Teams supported by myTeam Triumph are led by “Captains,” who are assisted by volunteer racers called “Angels” whose mission is to get the captains across the finish line. MyTeam Triumph relies on donations from generous supporters in order to continue providing this incredible experience to disabled racers.


“Working with a nonprofit like myTeamTriumph is a fantastic opportunity,” says Jeff Hopp, Marketing Specialist at Mile High Mobile Marketing. “They’re a great group that wants to offer a unique experience for people and we look forward to helping them get their message out. By helping them expand and enhance their online presence through mobile outlets, we’ll be able to help them get the donations they need and find the people willing to participate in the races.”


Through this partnership, The Rocky Mountain chapter of myTeam Triumph is already seeing fantastic results towards achieving their donation and participation goals. “One young woman was able to reach out to me because I had the opportunity to share this application with her while she visited at our booth.” said Hadyra Stinebuck. “She was inquiring about our organization and I was able to let her know on the spot through our mobile site how she could participate.


For more information about the Rocky Mountain Chapter of myTeamTriumph, including applications for Captains and Angels, events they’re participating in, as well as donation forms can be found on their website.


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