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The difference between a dentist and an orthodontist is that a dentist will work on the overall health of your teeth while an orthodontist specifically focuses on repairing the bite and overall structure of the teeth.  Therefore, if braces, retainers, rubber bands for braces, or expanders are needed, the orthodontist is the one who needs to be seen.  

            Sometimes dentists will refer you to orthodontists because they are specialized to correct the problems previously mentioned, therefore, a dentist sometimes will make the call whether the situation they have at hand merits an orthodontist for further diagnosis, care or even oral surgery. 

            There are many reasons people have dental malformations ranging from bad habits such as thumb sucking, long term use of pacifiers, traumas or injuries, retained baby teeth, or genetics. 

            The importance of fixing misaligned teeth or dental malformations not only improves your smile but your digestive functions, such as chewing.  Your overall health and well being is affected as well.  Misaligned or crooked teeth, over bites, under bites, broken or missing teeth, can cause many health problems.  They can manifest in ways such as:  dizziness, headaches, ear aches, facial pain, neck pain, and jaw clicking when chewing. Misaligned teeth can even cause problems with posture leading to greater health issues like lower back and joint pain.

            How can misaligned teeth cause such a host of health problems?  The answer is simply that the jaw joint is the highest joint in our skeletal system.  Misaligned jaw joints will cause a “trickle down” effect impacting other connections in our lower body.

            The importance of “orthodontics” is clear.  A beautiful smile is always nice,  but avoiding adverse health issues goes beyond beauty.

            Kendrick Orthodontics offers professional care and comfort while fixing any orthodontic needs. Dr. James Kendrick is the leading orthodontist in Kissimmee, Sebring, Orlando, Davenport, St. Cloud, and Poinciana, Florida.  With offices located in Kissimmee and Sebring, do not wait any longer to get your teeth aligned and back to health.  Contact:

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