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(Newswire.net — October 14, 2013) Canberra, ACT — Rural and General Insurance Broking provides top-quality for any public or product liability risk in existence. The company is known public liability insurance in Australia for the breadth of its insurance products and services – a range which cannot be matched by many other insurance brokers.


Rural and General Insurance Broking is a leading broker of public liability insurance in Australia, meeting the needs of clients no matter their size and/or the scope or complexity of their requirements. While the company is a market leader in business insurance and associated insurance services and products, it is also recognized for the range of other products it offers, including public liability products and services.


Rural and General Insurance Broking is fully capable of arranging public liability insurance to meet the needs of any client. The company’s range of relevant offerings runs the gamut from broadform public liability products to those falling into more specialised public and product liability categories.


The company’s range of broadform public liability products includes general business liability insurance, contractor and subcontractor liability to help independent contractors and subcontractors protect themselves from liabilities and losses that arise in the course of their work, and insurance for all kinds of farm, agricultural and rural properties. The company also provides cover for more specialised public liability categories such as adult entertainment, film and television production, and aviation.


Rural and General Insurance Broking can also help locate public liability insurance in Australia for businesses falling under the micro-enterprise category, such as those running home offices and cottage industries or those organizing events, providing entertainment such as bands or musicians, and acting as tutors, instructors or coaches.


The company can also offer help with other services including stand-alone public and product liability, professional indemnity insurance and even insurance for unusual risks such as those involving hazardous waste, high-risk civil occupations such as military contractor work, and professional and amateur sports like boxing, wrestling and martial arts.


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