One Simple Treatment Strips Away Skin Discoloration

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( — October 14, 2013) Bondi Junction, NSW — Sydney’s premier cosmetic clinic You by Sia offers a wide range of treatments targeting specific skin problems and concerns including skin spots and discolouration. You by Sia ensures that each of their clients maintain a healthy, beautiful and even-toned skin all year long.


Have you ever been surprised when after a trip to the beach, you look in the mirror and see several new freckles? Or that your tan is so uneven that you look burnt on one side? Do not panic. Skin discolouration is, unfortunately, a very common problem, but there are many products and skin treatments available to eliminate it.


Skin spots are caused by a lot of different factors, including UV or sun exposure, melasma, medications, and even conditions such as pregnancy and some diseases. While men and women who work or are involved in outdoor activities are most prone to it, they are not the only ones who seek treatment for it.


To treat skin discolouration and skin spots, Australian laser clinic You by Sia uses microdermal facials. Considered a better procedure than the typical microdermabrasion, microdermal facials penetrate the skin without the use of abrasive tools and without scratching the skin surface. With Medi Light Therapy, the treatment effectively kills bacteria below the skin, clearing the skin of scars and blemishes and also preventing the recurrence of acne and other skin damage. At the same time, products used to aid in the treatment are without harmful chemicals, and are natural and anti-inflammatory, ensuring that there will be little to no side-effects. Microdermal facials are considered non-invasive, safe and require no downtime at all, making it one of the most popular skin treatment choices among clients looking to alleviate skin problems.


The differences in skin qualities and problems mean that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, hence all treatments have to be customised for each client. You by Sia makes sure that each client’s individual concerns and needs are properly noted, and that a range of solutions are properly presented and suggested. This way, each client is assured that the treatment they are availing of is perfectly suited for their skin’s needs.


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