4K 3D Ultra HD TV Price Drop

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(Newswire.net — October 14, 2013)  — Sources confirmed that Samsung has decreased the prices of their 55-inch and 65-inch 4K Ultra HD televisions by $1000 and $1500, respectively.


The new price on the 55-inch Samsung UN55F9000 is $3998, while the 65-inch UN65F9000 is available in the market at a price of $5498. If experts of the field are to be believed, the price cut can increase the sale of the products by 20 to 25 percent.


4K TV or Ultra HD TV sets has only been on the market a few months and already the prices are dropping. Samsung‘s ultra high definition TV’s with Micro Dimming offers great picture quality with 120Hz refresh rate. It is good for general viewing, video games, action movies, and sports among others. 4K has greater detail than the best HDTV sets on the market, and for serious movie fans, it gives a cleaner image than the theater.


Reports confirm that Samsung issued price cuts on its F9000-series TVs on August 25th, similar to a move made by some other companies two weeks ago. Even with the cuts, the new pricing still has Ultra HD models selling for approximately double that of comparably featured 1080p HDTVs, with Samsung 65-inch UN65F8000 LED TV currently priced at $3,000.


These apparently reactionary price cuts come just one year after LG first introduced its 84-inch Ultra HDTV and Sony brought out its 84-inch 4K TV. Prices on Sony’s 55- and 65-inch models were announced less than five months ago. So far, none of the three manufacturers have offered an insight into what has motivated the price cuts.


The Samsung television sets have astonishing resolution and very remarkable up scaling capability. Where the other companies and Samsung vary the most is in color reproduction. There always appear to be a washed look on the Sony. The Samsung tries to clear up the whole image while in 1080p TV it focuses on the main parts of the picture. Also it has better colors than the 1080p TV.


55-inch and 65-inch 4K Ultra HD from Samsung takes the entertainment to a whole new level by offering simply wonderful resolution and provides a new form of completion and an immersive viewing experience to the viewers.


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