G+ Hangout Features for Organic Digital Marketing Agencies from TM

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(Newswire.net — October 14, 2013) Washington, DC — Google’s Live Hangout service is a premier technology which allows business owners, employees, or even friends and family to interact on one screen, in real-time. Google has developed several new features and revisions to the Live Hangout framework over the past year, allowing users to broadcast their content directly to the Internet. This week, a new, powerful plugin was released titled “audience questions.” This particular plugin allows audience members to interact with orators participating in a “live broadcast” via a “chat” interface. Questions are submitted directly to the broadcast itself, as it occurs, live. This feature is highly remarkable in that it provides a means to target specific issues and questions, from relevant viewers across the globe.

As Google continues to update their algorithms, hundreds of updates in total annually, revisions are made to the way websites are indexed. SEO analysts across the globe are interested to see what impacts this new feature will have concerning search and content relevancy. This never-before-seen technology will provide business owners and clients alike with valuable insight into the questions, concerns and goals associated with a given broadcast. Live Google Hangouts-on-Air (HOAs) are a great tool for businesses to use to promote their products and/or services for relevant search marketing on the digital Web. This unique tool is being used by SEO digital marketing agencies throughout the world to immediately reach their audiences, quickly and at the convenience of the user searching for the information they set-out to procure.



Transcended Marketing is excited to announce testing of this cutting-edge “audience questions” feature. TM is one of the most distinguished marketing agenices in Washington DC, as it provides its clients with cutting edge technologies to use in white hat SEO organic advertising campaigns across Web 2.0 assets, platforms, and architectures. As proclaimed SEO “wizards” of the web, TM’s goal is to assess functionality and report their conclusions from the gathered data thereof. The usefulness of this plugin will be determined in the coming hours as SEO experts conduct “stress tests” of this plugin during a live broadcast. Look for an exclusive report on their discoveries and experience history in the making as they test this plugin for the first time, live, on-air.   

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