Take Advantage of Precision Metal Folding to Create High Quality Components

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(Newswire.net — October 17, 2013) Toowoomba, QLD — Industries rely on metal folding and bending services to create the products needed to suit specific needs. Kenro Metal has in-house facilities and the capability to create precision components designed to suit most industries across Australia.


Finding a reliable metal component manufacturing service in Australia is crucial for the success of many industries. Parts need to be designed to suit tightly focused specifications, especially if they are being used in conjunction with other elements.


This is commonly seen in mines, power stations, rail and construction industries, where metal components are essential for business processes. The key is to work with a manufacturer capable of providing top quality metal components and products required so they are made to exact specifications every time.


Kenro Metal’s professional team offer a comprehensive metal services, including the ability to design and create specific metal stamping and pressing tools to suit any individual application. Their comprehensive services includes drilling, welding, laser cutting and machining, as well as zinc plating, galvanising and painting.


They also strive to provide the best possible customer service to any industry across the nation. Receiving completed parts on-time is vitally important to the success of many projects, which is why Kenro Metal ensures that their services are always delivered on time without compromising on the best possible quality.


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