Revolutionary New Book Offers An Easy Way to Stop Drinking Alcohol

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( — October 17, 2013) Sparks, Nevada — 


There are some people who can go out and have a good time. They can drink a few drinks and be fine. There are others, however, who cannot stop at only a few.


These people struggle with alcohol and coping with alcohol.


Many would like to stop, but the grip of alcohol on their body is much more than they can take. This, along with other issues, mean a never-ending spiral of dependency.


Therapy and multi-step meetings can be more than necessary. Many would rather enjoy the privacy of their homes and work independently to best their addictions and problems. There are few resources that can help them – until now.


Alcohol Free Social Life is a practical way to help curb or defeat alcohol and its grip on someone’s life. It is the perfect match of skills and techniques to help you become free but still enjoy yourself and a night on the town.


You will learn many elements of fighting alcoholism such as:


• Easy to use techniques to quickly take control of your drinking – when you go out, you’ll never worry about going over your limit again!

• Learn how to change the habits which have kept you drinking – it’s these invisible habits which you’ll learn to identify and REPLACE for the first time… so you can stay in control of
your drinking.

• Discover the secret technique used by heavy achievers to get themselves “in the zone” – you’ll use this everyday to give you such powerful inner strength… you’ll never even WANT to

• How to deal with peer pressure forever! You’ll never feel like you have to give in to others when they’re out drinking

• The 7 Step Formula you can use to moderate your drinking – so you can choose when and how much to drink – without EVER going over your limits.


And much more.


Each technique has proven results. Best of all, it can be done in a day.


For additional information and how to order is available on the website. Visit “Alcohol Free Social Life” for more details.

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