PVC Sheet Is A Cost Efficient Alternative To a Variety Of Materials

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(Newswire.net — October 17, 2013) Anaheim, CA — So, you have decided to build a play house for your kids and their friends in your back yard.  You need to find some good sturdy material that will last a long time without being weathered away and destroyed by unwanted company like termites, and stormy days?  You would probably want something that will help keep them warm when it’s windy and cold outside, something that will keep them dry should it begin to rain and will resist the flame if it comes into contact with fire for any reason.  Maybe you would like something reliable and yet easy on your pocket?  You want plastic.


A great choice for this application is the expanded foam PVC sheet.  PVC or Rigid Vinyl (PolyVinylChloride) is a rigid plastic sheet that is flame-resistant with self-extinguishing properties (UL 94 V-0 is standard, and FM4910 is available), and is relatively low cost.  This Rigid Foam PVC sheet is also extremely durable and impact resistant, and it also has low moisture absorption.  This plastic is FDA approved and safe to use for play equipment.   These qualities make this unique plastic an ideal material for your little ones new playhouse.  This is merely one example of an application where expanded PVC foam sheet can be used. There are hundreds of applications that Foamed or Expanded PVC sheet can be used.  Many of these applications can also use the standard Rigid PVC Sheet and PVC Rod.


PVC is a great plastic for applications that require water resistance, protective covering for environments where bacteria needs to be kept to a minimum, like hospitals and childcare facilities.  PVC is the third most commonly used plastics in the industry and can be used for a variety of projects.  It has exceptionally great chemical resistance and with an added UV inhibiter it is a perfect material for an outdoor project where these qualities are essential.


Perhaps one of the best known uses of Rigid PVC material is the frames for ‘Vinyl Replacement Windows’. These common replacement windows are generally produced from UV Stabilized White Rigid PVC extrusions and are welded in the corners to make Vinyl Windows and Doors. Providing a cost effective replacement to the old Aluminum window frames that corrode over time. The PVC replacement windows are highly energy effiecent and lighter weight that previously available windows.


One of the best things about PVC and a popular favorite is its recyclability. PVC is a thermoplastic, which means it can be melted down over and over and made into shapes or sizes. There are several factories around the globe that regrind rigid PVC sheets and other plastics and reuse them for new applications.  The possibilities are unlimited for what recycled and reprocessed PVC can be used for. 


Things that are manufactured using recycled PVC include but are not limited to: Sprinkler Pipe, outdoor furniture, Vinyl flooring, and much more. Speaking of outdoor furniture, have you been to the pool lately? If you answered yes, then you probably noticed the dozen or so cozy lounge style chairs and number of floatation devices. These chairs, made from rigid PVC are light weight and weather resistant.  Comfortable and durable, these wonderful lounge buddies provide a nice and convenient way to dry off and take a break from a nice day in the sun.  Most water sports are familiar with PVC.  In fact, most inflatable pool toys and rafts, as well as other sports equipment are made from flexible PVC (or Vinyl) materials.


So if you’re building an exciting new playhouse for the children in your life, looking to have some good old fashioned pool fun, or simply wanting to make your home a safer place to live, plastics can help you to do that.  Plastics are a great and low cost alternative to other much more expensive alternatives which may lack the unique beneficial qualities plastic offers.  


When picking the material for you next project, consider the fully recyclable Rigid PVC or Foamed PVC Sheet materials.


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