5 Most Important Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors for Men

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(Newswire.net — October 20, 2013) Boston, MA — The 5 Most Important Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors for Men detail the most important metabolic syndrome risk factors for men to be aware of.

Researchers have found that men have more of a risk of dying from cardiovascular disease when they have metabolic syndrome.  The risk of early death is present, even when a health history has not included heart disease or diabetes.  

Deadly health conditions such as diabetes, heart attack, cancer and heart disease are all increased when metabolic syndrome is present, especially in men between the ages of 30 to 50.   

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Among them most harmful of the risk factors is insulin resistance.  The condition develops when insulin is not absorbed and or accepted by the cells of the body; this leads to dangerous health conditions, including increased blood glucose levels and diabetes. Roughly 10% to 30% of people are estimated to currently suffer some form of insulin resistance; this number is even higher among men.

“Metabolic syndrome has been labeled a threat to public health, especially for middle-aged men”, said Michael Healey, Health News Wires Health Educator. “The 5 Most Important Metabolic Risk Factors for Men is vital information that everyone needs to be aware of.”

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