Car Seat Protector by Freddie and Sebbie Could Be The Answer Your Been Looking For!

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For most parents, it is a fact that keeping a child to behave in their seat is such a hard task. It is a fact that most children tend to make a mess during their eating hours since their fine motor skills is not yet that developed. Others have all kinds of things in their seats like candies, crayons, markers and much more.


No need to stress about that because the makers of Kick Mat have discovered a great solution for that. Freddie and Sebbie are famous for innovative and high quality products for parents with young children. Moreover; they have created a new product which is the Car Seat Protector. According to Neil, “We are a family company and all of the employees have children.


There was a consensus agreement to design products to keep seats as clean as possible for as long as possible.” Maintaining its cleanliness without damaging the seat is the greatest thing about the Car Seat Protector. This means when a family is ready to trade for a new car, the seats will still be in pristine shape. “This is sure to be a perfect match to the Kick Mat,” said Neil of Freddie and Sebbie.


Made of a highly durable, easy to clean fabric, the Car Seat Protectors have rubber corners for anti-slippage. A storage place for the toys, bottles, diapers etc., is made available in the seat through its pockets. “We tried to think of everything we could to make this as parent and child friendly as possible. The protectors also fit virtually any car seat. The material is irrelevant: leather or cloth. The covers work equally well,” said Neil.


Apart from the quality of the product, Freddie and Sebbie have one of the best return policies in the industry. A no-hassle lifetime replacement guarantee for the Car Seat Protector and any of their fine products. Neil also proudly noted, “We stand behind what we sell.” All Freddie and Sebbie products are sold solely through Amazon’s secure service, for more details or to read customer reviews visit: Car Seat Protector


To learn more about “Freddie and Sebbie”, check out their website at or call 888.749.3576 to speak with a company representative. If you have any queries, you can also send it via email at


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