New Colorado Company Going All Out to Win the Build-A-Business Competition

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( – October 27, 2013)  Denver, CO — The Build-a-Business competition was created by one of the worlds biggest E-Commerce platform services available, Shopify. The competition was created to help inspire those with a passion and intuition for creating an amazing company that offers something substantial to the world to make the jump. To win the competition, you need to create the idea, create an account and webpage with shopify, then achieve the most significant revenue increase since the time of registration. Some of the most prolific companies to date have entered into shopify’s Build-a-Business, and an even more renowned team of elite leaders, such as Billionaire Mark Cuban, fashion czar Daymond John of FuBu (Both Cuban and John are investors on ABC’s “Shark Tank”), new media mogul Gary Vaynerchuk, and last but not least Arianna Huffington.


“What I love most about Build a Business — beyond its ability to launch new businesses and improve the consumer experience — is its focus on mentorship. It’s about building while tapping into the wisdom and experience of others, and telling the stories of the hard work, creativity and collaboration that fuel innovation.” – Arianna Huffington

Leaders such as Tim Ferriss for the technology field, Chase Jarvis in photography, and Arianna Huffington are all coaching the winners of the competition. Separated by their specialties in entrepreneurship, these generational innovators provide specific help and information to the businesses that enter under their class. Because of this, Spotify’s competition has grown tremendously over the years cultivating an ever expanding pool of future innovators, and is precisely why Bolder Band Headbands chose to join the movement and take their company to the next level.

Despite the competition, Bolder Band, a company that reinvented the sports headband to its highest possible evolution, entered the Build-a-Business with a powerful motivation and plan to deliver the best product they can possibly achieve. Bolder Band has already achieved tremendous success with their innovative headband that prevents slippage and interruption during any workout – even Tough Mudder, TM.

 “We’re honored and excited to compete in the Build-A-Business competition, and looking forward to making Colorado proud!  We are so thankful to Shopify and the platform they’ve developed.  I truly believe we have been able to sell our Bolder Band Headbands on-line 3 months faster because of Shopify.”  – Amy Crouse


Amy and her team plan on going all-out in this years competition, and look forward to the experience of being a part of the Build-A-Business competition. 

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