Niche Announces A Magnesium Supplement With Unsurpassed Absorption

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( — October 28, 2013) Southlake, Texas — Niche Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Steve Brandon are pleased to announce that the magnesium supplement Mag-Tab SR (magnesium L-lactate dihydrate) offers unequaled absorption capabilities, especially when compared to other products on the market. The enhanced product contains a highly bioavailable form of magnesium-L-lactate dihydrate in the formulation so that the formula is effective without being irritating to the digestive tract. The benefits of the mineral are released over a 10-12 hour time period for maximum effectiveness.


Steve Brandon, speaking for the Niche Pharmaceuticals Inc. firm explained, “Medical conditions that are associated with magnesium deficiency appear in many forms. There can be leg cramps ,cardiac irritability and arrhythmias with increased risk of sudden cardiac death. Digitalis toxicity, intracellular K+ depletion, and type 2 diabetes are also commonly associated with low magnesium levels as well as high blood pressure are typical.


He continues with the list of problems associated with a deficiency of magnesium. Patients may experience migraines as well as kidney stones. Early symptoms of the deficiency include fatigue, leg cramps, restless sleep and headaches. Difficulty in metabolizing carbohydrates is another early symptom.”


Taking a magnesium supplement with a high adsorption rate is beneficial in eliminating or reducing many of the symptoms. Deficiencies can arise from any of several causes, but taking a measured dosage of the supplement reverses many of the symptoms.


Learn more about the benefits of magnesium in the diet and the types of results that can be achieved by visiting the web pages found at today. Members of the press and others who want further information about the contents of this specific press notice are urged to contact Steve Brandon at the location described below.


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