Lead Generation, a Lucrative Ad Model For Main Street Business

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(Newswire.net — October 28, 2013) North Vancouver, BC — Generating new business online can be a tough game where savvy online marketers elbow out local businesses. Just as a journeyman knows his trade, an online marketing agency knows how to dominate local search making it difficult for main street service providers.


A common complaint among local business owners is how difficult it is to get good search positions in Google and other places online. Once you start playing that game you realise how expensive an online consultant or SEO expert is to retain. Many agencies charge $1,000.00 or more each month to provide local SEO services and sometimes results take forever to materialize it seems. On top of that there is a never ending onslaught of tele-marketers jockeying for your attention and promising the moon… and the frustration mounts.


Consider Lead Generation


Buying online leads is emerging as the best way to bypass the expense of Pay Per Click advertising and local search optimization without worrying about the expense. (as long as you are with the right agency) In fact it is so effective there are rumors that Google is trying to exclude lead generation services. Why? Because it threatens their basic advertising model. 

We predict that businesses providing lead generation services may have a difficult time surviving Google updates over the next few years. Google makes their own rules and has the ability to remove any business they deem unworthy. So becoming dependant on this type of media may be short lived if you’re with the wrong provider.


Exclusive Leads The Preferred Model


When considering this type of advertising look for a company that offers exclusive leads. There should be a contract stipulation stating all leads are delivered to one recipient. That way you are better protected and stand to gain the most. Also, exclusive lead sites can be customized for better targeting. Generally this type of agreement works well for both the provider and recipient. There is a higher level of protection for both parties and it is easy to evaluate what phone calls are considered a genuine lead.


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