Research Claims Exercise Reduces Neuropathy Pain – So Does Neuracel!

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( — October 31, 2013) Boise, Idaho — Studies have shown that over 33 percent of people above 40 years of age who have diabetes are prone to developing diabetic peripheral neuropathy as well. This disorder is known to cause nerve damage and shrivel the whole nervous system. Symptoms include pain, burning, tingling, and numbness. Moreover, the long-term results are difficulty in walking and injuries in the lower legs. Thus, to avoid such dire consequences of the disorder, researchers suggest that patients make it a habit to indulge in daily exercises. According to a study published by The Oregonian at, patients who participated in a 10-week program that involved supervised endurance and strengthening exercises experienced surprising pain reductions and increased relief from symptoms of Neuropathy. In addition to maintaining an exercise routine, patients can also enjoy great results by consuming Neuracel, a drug meant to reverse nerve damage.

Neuracel – Reaching Out To The Root Cause


Neuracel has been launched in the markets for neuropathy, guaranteeing something which no other drug can deliver: attacking the root cause of the disorder. This is because the ingredients used in making this drug include highly beneficial herbs that promote long-term health. It is also free from all side-effects which make it possible for patients to purchase it without any sort of prescriptions. Thus, those keen on purchasing the drug without actually having to pay for it can apply for the Best Value package to avail the trial version. In addition, the trial package covers the dosage of 2 weeks.

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Other packages that Neuracel is offered in are the Good and Great Value package. The varying quantities of the drug are retailed at varying prices. In addition, the website of Neuracel also provides authentic consumer testimonials to all viewers who wish to rely on a second opinion. The results of the drug are thoroughly explored here on the website in the form of video and written testimonials. If you wish to check the testimonials, find out more information about Neuracel, or learn more about how to treat neuropathy, please visit  The trial version of Neuracel can also be availed at 



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