Mobile websites help local businesses boost sales, new surveys illustrate

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( — October 31, 2013) Phoenix, AZ — Mobile websites are the key to increasing local business sales new surveys confirm. With 6 in every 10 people owning a smartphone, not making available one’s business to potential mobile consumers would be a fatal mistake. Trends and forecasts for the next few years show a rather promising and busy mobile website industry. Those who choose to ignore the centrality of mobile websites for SMEs are the ones bound to get left behind.



According to Latitude’s next generation retail study, 61% of people who have a pleasant experience at a business’ mobile website, “Meaning they have one” hold a positive opinion on that  brand or product. What’s more, 7 in 10 people will use their mobile device to locate a store and search for relevant information about a product they’re interested in purchasing. If a business website is not mobile-friendly or for that matter mobile-available, a substantial market segment is left to look for your competitors.



Other promising insights by Latitude’s open innovation studies reveal that those who receive location-specific alerts are 52% more likely to visit the brand’s mobile website, 50% to visit the store and 20% to make a purchase. These numbers translate to a substantial sales and profits boost for a local business.


In addition, mobile websites that go a step further and apart from product information are also e-shopping enabled, can further supercharge a business’ sales. Latitude’s figures are eye-opening, people choose shopping with their smartphones not because of smart deals, but because it’s time-saving— a promising find with regard to profit potential.



Deloitte Digital also affirm how mobile website use is contingent to one’s purchasing experience. They report that 60% of mobile users will be on their smartphones while shopping in a store and 50% will be on their smartphone while heading to a store- more likely visiting the store’s mobile website or app for additional information such as user reviews or recommend products.



Smartphone and tablet purchases will soon outnumber those performed on laptops and PC’s, it is also forecasted, illustrating that mobile websites is a must-have marketing tool for any business or brand that wishes to stay ahead of the curve.


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