Gold IRA for a safe future, reports.

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( — November 7, 2013) New York, NY — supports that Gold IRA investments is unfortunately an option not known to many. This blatant lack of awareness, leads many to lose their hard-earned life’s savings and end up with shrunk retirement savings that cannot provide them the standard of life they deserve.


Mikhail Projhorov has over $6 billion invested in gold and Carlos Slim, the second-richest man on earth is urging for a shift of investments from the financial realm towards the real economy. Part of the real economy is physical assets such as gold which is not affected by the US debt or inflation.


“It only makes sense to want to invest one’s life’s savings in assets that are safe, secure and profitable, as opposed to those prone to devaluation and tormented by every possible crisis in the world.” reports that retirement assets should not be backed by the American dollar or other currenceis that are getting weaker and weaker due to consecutive, sharp devaluations. Nor is it wise to be part of a financial system ridden by economic uncertainty, tormented by large-impact environmental disasters and political tensions. One should have the opportunity to have control over their assets and safeguard them against such risks.


Gold is essentially borderless, its value is the same across continents. The American dollar is not backed by precious metals anymore and its basically fictional money created through debt. Its devaluation seems to have no end in sight. The economic uncertainty and today’s frail stability do not bode well for putting all one’s eggs in one basket. For that reason, nesting one’s IRA into gold provides the safety and peace of mind, other, dollar-based IRA accounts cannot.


In point of illustration, gold value increased by 600% since 2001 which is an unprecedented increase not likely to happen for the other physical assets. This and other stats show how imperative it is to save IRA investments by rolling them over to Gold IRAs to safeguard their value and increase their returns.


A Gold IRA rollover is essentially a transfer of existing IRA savings between two custodians and its investment in gold to protect one’s savings from the seemingly inevitable dollar collapse. Government shutdowns and the ever-present threat of a default, should alert more people into considering safer and more viable investment options.


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