Valley of the Sun Offers Tips on Choosing Proper BTUs for PTAC Units

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( — November 7, 2013) Las Vegas, Nevada — Choosing the right size air conditioning unit depends on more than just the size of a room.  It is also important to consider the heating and cooling conditions under which the unit will work as well as whether the unit is called upon to provide more cool air or warm air during a typical year.  Armed with this information, Valley of the Sun experts in PTAC units can help customers choose the right LG PTAC or Amana PTAC units for every need.


Valley of the Sun offers a wide range of PTAC air conditioner units by major manufacturers such as LG, Amana and Carrier.  With a huge selection of quality PTAC air conditioners, it is easier for customers to choose the right PTAC units to meet various needs.  A full list of all PTAC units, air conditioner parts and other accessories can be found on Valley of the Sun’s website at


Valley of the Sun offers some tips for choosing the right size unit by BTUs.  These tips include:


-Measure the room.  The first and most important piece of information in choosing the proper PTAC unit is the size of the room.  Measuring length and width of the room allows the customer to calculate square footage which can then be translated into BTU coverage.  BTUs, or British Thermal Units, are the standard for measuring the capacity of a PTAC unit to heat or cool a room successfully.  A table with standard BTUs based on room measurements can be found on the Valley of the Sun website at

-Consider heating and cooling needs.  A room that must be cooled more often than heated, such as those in a warm climate, may be able to function well with a traditional model such as an Amana PTAC unit.  However, for rooms in very cold climates, a PTHP may be a better choice.  A heat pump configuration provides for much less expensive heating than the traditional electrical coil model.

-Choose up, not down.  When in doubt, go with a larger unit.  The more a PTAC unit has to work to heat or cool a room, the more energy-draining it will be.


Valley of the Sun offers a full line of quality PTAC parts and accessories as well as units from the major manufacturers.


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