Orange County SEO Company Tames Google Panda with Website Design

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( — November 8, 2013) Huntington Beach, CA — Google, Bing, and Yahoo are faced with the difficult task of serving up the highest quality results for a given search phrase in their search engines. These technology companies use robust mathematical equations to sort, score, and serve website results based on strict formulas that scrutinize and reward webmasters for their hard work. When Google announces changes or new additions to their quality standards to the public, they often give them pet names. Google “Panda” is the algorithm change that governs website quality. The Google Panda formula is making it very difficult for businesses to gain and sustain search placement, therefore, a high quality website is more important than ever for a business aiming to succeed with an online presence.


Orange County SEO, a hard hitting search engine optimization company in Southern California, has just announced website development programs that specifically address these quality standards and are making them available to the general public.


Tyler Collins, CEO of Orange County SEO states, “We have spent years studying Google ranking patents, and have analyzed hundreds of websites that sustain their organic search traffic through all the dramatic Google updates. Our exhaustive research concludes that there are in fact very specific criteria that Google is looking for when scoring a website.”


The Internet marketing firm claims to have identified 32 precise website scoring mechanisms that have direct correlation with top placement in Google, and guarantees to implement them in every web design package. Not revealing all of their trade secrets, OC SEO revealed that the majority of the 32 elements had direct correlation to the visitor experience on the website. What they later explained is that if a website gives a visitor what they want, the search engines reward the website with higher placement.


Beyond the search engine optimization features contained within the web design methodology, Orange County SEO promises to optimize and increase the visitor conversion rate of the websites they produce by implementing 47 user-experience elements which they have proven result in higher conversions. For business owners, a website conversion might represent a new lead, product purchase, subscriber, fan, follower, or a defined number of pages viewed or specific length of time spent on the website. In today’s day of low attention spans and over-saturation of information, lots of visitors and traffic to a website is not going to cut it for a business trying to succeed. A business website must create conversions or the online venture will fail.


OC SEO works with businesses to structure their Internet presence to bring in the most traffic and to have the highest possible conversion rate for visitors to a web site.  Through website design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay-per-click account management, link building services, copywriting services and local Internet marketing techniques, businesses can receive a valuable web presence and increase their revenue.


About OC SEO: Serving California and the rest of the country for over 8 years, the firm has become one of the most trusted names in search engine optimization and website development for search performance.  For businesses that want to increase their rankings, revenue and online presence, as well as build brand recognition and social media engagement, Orange County SEO can help.  OC SEO offers a money-back guarantee:  if customers are not seeing increases in Internet traffic after six months, their entire investment is refunded.


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