Pink Martini and 234th Army Band to Light Portland Christmas Tree

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( — November 8, 2013) Portland, OR — This is the second time that these two musical organizations have gotten together to entertain the public.


The first time was in 2009 during Oregon’s sesquicentennial (150th birthday) celebration year when the collaboration performed “Oregon! Oregon!”, the rarely heard — and never before staged — mini-musical.


“Oregon! Oregon!” was first commissioned and premiered on radio to celebrate Oregon’s centennial birthday in 1959, by radio artist Stan Freberg. Freberg penned this delirious romp through the first 100 years of Oregon: one brief act each to mark the birth, 50th and 100th anniversaries of Oregon’s statehood.


The final showing was a 2-hour plus performance at the Oregon Zoo, but it was unquestionably a highlight for the 4,000-plus audience. 


One of the highlights was when members of the 234th Army Band led the audience in a rip-roaring, hilarious rendition of the “Beaver Thump”, a dance complete with a 9-foot styrofoam beaver, which reportedly resides in a corner of Thomas Lauderdale’s living room.


Lauderdale, founder of Pink Martini, is a flamboyant musical mover and shaker on the Portland music scene. He was overheard at a recent rehearsal with the 234th, that he has “looked forward to a time that the two musical groups could perform together again.” He added that he “hoped for more in the future.”


Pink Martini         234th Army Band       


Come on down on down to Pioneer Courthouse Square on November 29, 2013 for some family friendly entertainment to open the holiday season. More information is available at



Members of the 234th Army Band flute section with Oregon Symphony principle flute, Jessica Sindell, and Thomas Lauderdale