Sofa Price Comparison Site Offers True Value to Savvy Shoppers

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( — November 11, 2013) New Jersey — When purchasing a sofa most shoppers are making a long term decision and are often crippled by the choices available.  With the added issue of the current state of the economy consumers are spending alot more time in their purchasing decisions to find exactly what they need for the right price.


Proprietor, Paul Westfield stated – “My Couch offers price comparisons on huge brands such as Sofas to Go, La-Z-Boy, Coaster Furniture, Beverly Furniture & many more.”


Paul continued.. “The true power and time saving comes from our very fast comparison between merchants, the visitor is able to see in an instant which merchant has the lowest price, all from one site. Once the item is clicked, the shopper is then passed to that product page of the merchant site to continue the secure purchase.”


“You can easily search 10’s of thousands of products”, Mr Westfield stated…”from well known stores including, Walmart, HomeClick,, Kmart, Sears, Home Depot and more.”


Paul then added, “We also understand that Amazon is very popular, so we conveniently add a link to Amazon’s own site from each of our products, if Amazon stocks the product listed, the shopper may then purchase from them as well”.


The site does included a predictive search function for those consumers who may have a brand, model, or even an item number to find the product very quickly.


Paul elated “Yes, we’re very happy & proud to offer a simple solution to ease the stress of too many choices!”


When asked if the site is secure Mr Westfield clarified – “My Couch is very secure and many measures are taken to ensure it remains so.  It’s also important to note that My Couch gathers product data from merchants and simply links to the item in the primary store, the purchase is made securely within the merchant’s own website using its security measures.”  “We do not gather any personal details, credit card information in order for the visitor to make the purchase”.


To see how much you can save on your next furniture purchase, browse the website listed below and Mr Westfield hopes you enjoy the experience.


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