Expedition New England By Scott Tucker Hits Top Ten On Public TV

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According to an announcement on the home page for Expedition New England, Scott Tucker’s wildlife adventure show has become a top ten public access series, ranking number eight in popularity across the United States.


Scott Tucker hosts Expedition New England along with his son Race Tucker as part of a mission to make viewers aware of the amazing plants and animals that exist in their own backyards. The successful show focuses on the flora and wildlife of Connecticut, Maine and Massachusetts. The recent announcement reports that the show has aired over 93 episodes since Tucker began producing Expedition New England in 2005. The show’s home page states that Scott Tucker didn’t realize the immense diversity of wildlife surrounding him when he was growing up in New England, because exotic destinations like Costa Rica, Africa, and Australia seemed to get more attention from naturalists and in popular media. Now Tucker brings viewers across America glimpses of animals from salamanders to sharks, and his relentless enthusiasm for the wonders of the natural world has made Expedition New England one of the most popular shows on public television.


The recent information published on the Expedition New England website also announced that the show featuring Scott Tucker and his family is now supported by the 501c3 non-profit Expedition Earth Productions Inc. Expedition Earth Productions exists to fund entertaining and education wildlife documentaries that promote conservation. The organization allows fans of Expedition New England to make tax exempt donations to support their favorite show.


According to the Expedition Earth Productions announcement, one of the features that has made the show popular is Scott Tucker’s periodical trips outside of New England. In various episodes of the show, Tucker and his family have explored the wildlife the Galapagos Islands, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. Tucker and the Expedition New England crew currently have plans to visit Africa in 2014 and China in 2015.


Donations to Expedition Earth Productions to support Scott Tucker and Expedition New England can be made on the Expedition Earth Productions website.