Bon Voyage Elite 1/4 Cost of Global Resorts Network To Get 90% savings

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( — November 22, 2013)  — Bon Voyage Elite is a direct sales company located in San Diego, CA that allows individuals to sell their exclusive lifetime vacations savings membership and earn commissions. Global Resorts Network is also a direct sales company that allows people to market a  vacation savings membership and earn commissions.


One difference is the BVE product retails for only $545.00 one time cost with unlimited hot weeks.  The GRN product retails for $1,995.00 one time cost. GRN also offers a higher price membership that retails for $4,995.00 and they justify the higher price by allowing consumer ten hot weeks. They offer a third choice that retails for $12,995.00 that allows the member to take 20 hot weeks.


The hot weeks program in Bon Voyage is weekly availability of thousands of resort condos around the world starting at $100 for a full 7 day stay. There is no limit of how many hot weeks members can book. “If members have the time and the financial resources they could book 52 hot weeks.” said JJ Conway, director of of sales and marketing with Bon Voyage. The Global Resorts membership offers resort condos for two prices. The $298 is the hot weeks price and all other resort condos are $798. The $4,995 membership allows members to use 10 hot weeks per year. The $12,995.00 membership allows members to use 20 weeks of hot weeks per year.


Consumers looking for best value should know the GRN reps earn $1,000.00 commission on the $1,995.00 membership. The program is designed to reward the independant distributors and not the consumer. The BVE program rewards representatives fairly and cost is in favor of consumers. The GRN inflated price is common in the MLM industry.


The difference in the product offering by both companies is dramatically one sided as well. BVE is a full service travel concierge offering live call or online booking of resort condos, hotels,cruises,airfare, car rental and more. Their resort condo program offers 3 to 5 star resorts in over 200 countries with 3 million live weeks of inventory. Bon Voyage Elite offers the same resorts GRN offers plus 2/3 more condos. GRN offers condos in 55 countries.


The savings of 60% up to 90% on resort condos from both companies is real. Frugal travel consumers save more than the cost of either membership when booking their first vacation. Both memberships are one time cost lifetime memberships.