Texas Bugs-R-Us Unites Homeowners, Declares War On Houston Rats

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(Newswire.net — November 23, 2013) Houston, Texas — Texas Bugs-R-Us and Calvin Thigpen, company spokesperson, are proud to remind locals that the firm has effective products and techniques to successfully wage war on rats. An infestation of these vermin is horrifying to owners of residences or businesses, due to the smells, links to disease and generally unsanitary results. In addition, the vermin can cause substantial damage to residences and businesses.


According to spokesperson Calvin Thigpen, “These creatures have been bothersome pests since the earliest history of mankind. They will quickly empty a pantry full of human food, since they like the same ingredients as those which make up human diets. The species are able to chew holes in food containers, eat some of the contents and leave droppings to destroy the balance of the food. The vermin carry a significant variety of contact diseases that will affect human health.”


“Rats can enter the habitations of human through very small spaces” he continues. “Any small opening such as behind the refrigerator or in the foundation is enough room to enter your home. They can use their strong teeth and jaws to gnaw through most substances, even wood, concrete and plastic. The rapid explosion of numbers from a pair of rats can create thousands of the creatures in a few months.”


Using the services of a professional firm will address the infestations quickly and efficiently. The tools are available to eliminate a pest population of any size. Not only are the pests killed, but the carcasses are removed to eliminate the need for homeowners to deal with the remains.


Learn the facts about eradication of vermin such as rats and mice by paying a visit to the website at http://www.texasbugsrus.com today. Press corps members and those who have further queries regarding the information in this press release are urged to visit with Calvin Thigpen at the address provided below.


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