Exclusive Seminar Reveals Secret to Success for Distributed Teams

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(Newswire.net — November 26, 2013) — With the world of software development rapidly changing, Spotlight Software announces a seminar for entrepreneurs, project managers, developers and other distributed team members. The seminar, which takes place 8 AM – 12 PM on December 6, 2013 at the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation in Phoenix, will detail how to work with offsite employees, as well as the finer points of agile management.  Additionally, information on how to hire, plan and execute an agile software development project using a distributed team will be shared throughout the day.


Managing a distributed team is becoming increasingly common and specialized methods are vital to increase productivity and manage day-to-day tasks with a virtual, remote or distributed team.  “The problem is that managing distributed teams is not the same as managing an in-house team,” said Vincent Serpico, CEO of Spotlight Software and keynote speaker at the seminar.  “While there are some commonalities between managing in-house and distributed teams, differences have to be noted – differences that can determine success or failure.”


The content of this exclusive workshop draws on Serpico’s 15+ years of experience in, and knowledge of software development, combined with his skill in managing distributed teams to successful project completion.  Key information and time-tested principles will be presented in a dynamic and fast-paced format.  Attendees will learn how to:


*Hire high-talent, low-cost developers
*Engage with and hire the best developers
*Plan for key strategies to ensure success
* Integrate and use Agile from project inception to completion


The seminar is appropriate for entrepreneurs, executives and managing partners, as well as Project Managers and Developers in the fields of web and mobile app development, advertising, and custom software development.  Seating for the seminar is limited, and early registration is advised.  Cost for the seminar is $149 November 22-29, and $179 November 29 – December 6. Visit http://seminar.spotlightppm.com/ to register.



About Spotlight Software:

Spotlight’s goal is to increase the success rate of projects driven by virtual teams, accomplished by creating innovative software tools to improve virtual team communication and collaboration.


Spotlight’s concept was driven by a real-world need. Working on the premise that the key to a successful project is communication, Spotlight founder and CEO, Vincent Serpico, found  the tools on the market were incapable of facilitating the level of communication necessary for virtual project team success. Built on the analogs of agile project management and the success of social networking systems in getting virtual groups communicating, Spotlight was structured and tailored initially to help Serpico’s own virtual teams develop software faster, more efficiently, and with a high success rate. Today, Spotlight is the key to effective communication for distributed teams worldwide. 


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