Is Belize Becoming the Top Retirement Destination for Americans?

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( — November 27, 2013) St. Petersburg, Florida — Over the last few years, more and more US retirees have relocated, retired, and continue to live in the country of Belize, located in Central America. According to BZE Tours, a company that specializes in Belize relocation and retirement tours, many Americans have opted to move and retire to Belize because the highly touted tropical paradise provides a long list of benefits that has captivated them.


Some of these benefits are:


Low Taxes – Belize is one of the few countries that can boast of low taxation on property, which is currently pegged at 1.5% on average. They have no capital gains tax, making the country ripe for property investing, most especially since Belize’s real estate market is considered highly affordable when compared to the real estate market in the US.


Retire Persons Program – Aside from low taxes, the Belizean government has instituted a program that provides numerous incentives to retired individuals above the age of 45 years. One major incentive that most American retirees love is the duty-free tax break when bringing in vehicles and other goods from the US.


Belizeans Speaks English – English is the official language in the country. It is used for everyday business and in every home, making Belize a retirement and relocation destination that will make Americans feel right at home.


Currency Advantage – Currently, the Belizean dollar has an exchange rate of 2 is to 1 US$.  There is no complicated exchange rate to deal with.


Climate and Culture – Belize is known in many circles as “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret”. The moniker has stuck over the years because the country can actually boast of untouched rain forests and jungles, pristine beaches, and a culture that is entrenched in a sense of family and community. The climate is tropical, which is what many Americans look for in retirement.


Craig McMahan, owner of BZE Tours, also added that “The past 3 years saw an influx of Americans relocating and retiring in Belize due to the consistent raising of taxes and the stresses of everyday living in the US. Add to that the current scandals and intrigues the US government is facing at the moment such as the increased surveillance of the government on the populace, the continuing increase in pollution, and the most recent Obama HealthCare Initiative bungle. “


When asked about the process of relocation to Belize, Mr. McMahan said that BZE Tours always recommends prospective clients to take an initial tour to get a taste of life in Belize without the burden of commitment. “We start them out with a short tour of 4 different but popular relocation and retirement spots in Belize over a span of 8 days. We arrange everything from the transportation, tour guide, the hotels, the meals, and the entire itinerary. We also arrange a seminar where they will meet the Belize Board of Tourism, an immigration officer, a Belize real estate agent, and local banks to help them decide if living in Belize long term appeals to them. Should they decide on such a course, we help them every step of the way” he also added.


BZE Tours is one of the leading tour groups focused in providing tours in Belize. If you want to know more about life in Belize or want to book a tour, visit their website at or call (727) 433-8846.


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