T.E.N. Family Dentistry’s Move to New Facilities in Lakewood CO Deemed Successful

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(Newswire.net — November 27, 2013) Denver, CO —  Dr. Nyvold made the move on April 29, 2013, leaving a group practice. He retained not only all his clientele, but has been able to grow his business in the short time since the move.

A key element to this growth is that T.E.N. Family Dentistry has a policy of providing a stress-free environment for patients along with a positive atmosphere.  With a big move like this, Dr. Nyvold had the option of obtaining new modem equipment, in which he did not hesitate.  By purchasing new equipment TEN Family is staying up to speed the advancements in dentistry and thus continuing to provide excellent service that his patients are accustomed too.  By leveraging the most advanced technology and equipment available on the market today, T.E.N. Family Dentistry is able make their patients feel stress free about visiting the dentist.  His patients can be assured they are being treated with the latest dental advancements.

Factoring in that most of Dr. Nyvold’s staff have been with him for years, and that he has been practicing dentistry for over 28 years, T.E.N. Family Dentistry has a combined 95 years of working experience in the dental field. Dr. Nyvold also has extensive post-doctorate training in cosmetic dentistry, including training from Dr. William Dorfman of Beverly Hills, “The Dentist to the Stars” and the Dawson Concepts of Complete Dentistry.

Since the end of April when the new Lakewood Family Dentistry office opened, the transition has been well-received by patients. One patient stated that their new office has allowed the staff to continue their professional and efficient service. Another patient states, “The best staff work for Dr. Nyvold, the care they give is high quality and has a personal touch.” An anonymous patient states, “The new office is very nice.”


So with all that said, Dr. Nyvold can proudly proclaim that moving to the new office with his staff was a success and the right decision. For more information or to learn more about T.E.N. Family Dentistry, please visit http://www.tenfamilydentistry.com.


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