$1,890,000.00 awarded to Hotel Patron in Premises Liability Verdict

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(Newswire.net — November 29, 2013)  — Ginsburg & Associates successfully represented a hotel patron that was seriously injured in a daytime accident in the parking lot during a fall. The case presented showed the jury beyond a reasonable doubt that the patron’s injuries were the responsibility of the hotel under the premises liability laws.

“The legal theory of premises liability holds property owners and residents liable for accidents and injuries that occur on that property. The kinds of incidents that may result in claims can range from a slip and fall on a public sidewalk to an injury suffered on an amusement park ride.


Definition of Premises Liability is determined by the laws and procedures of the state in which the injury occurred. In some states, the court will focus on the status of the injured visitor in determining liability. Premises Liability Law varies from state to state, but the focus will be on the condition of the property and the activities of both the owner and visitor. It is important to remember that an occupier of land, such as an apartment tenant, is treated in the same manner as a landowner in many situations” Source. 


Many times people don’t realize that the premises owner is responsible for their accident,. The premises liability interrogatories can be very intimidating so it is best to call Ginsburg & Associates, a firm with a Premise Liability Lawyer, to discuss your situation.  The owner’s have premises liability coverage, and it is there to protect you. However, the insurance agents are there to protect against losses. Ginsburg & Associates want to help you or your loved ones claim medical payments, money for loss of work or other entitlements so that you can get the proper care you need. All the while being able make sure you are able to maintain your household responsibilities while you are healing.


The personal injury attorneys at Ginsburg & Associates have a proven track record for helping the injured get what they deserve and they can do the same for you! For your free consultation, call (215) 564-4400 if you are in the Philadelphia, PA area or (856) 988-7698 if you are in the Marlton, NJ area. You may also contact us at Info@Ginsburg-Law.com for any further information you may require about what we can do for you. 



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