Bobcat Brass Offers Prime Reloading Brass As Shortages Continue

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( — November 28, 2013) LaGrange, North Carolina — 

As shortages of refiring brass continue to grow, Bobcat Brass continues to offer prime reloading once-fired brass for sale.  Despite the growing scarcity of Lake City brass, Bobcat Brass continues to offer 5.56 brass, 223 brass for sale and bullets for reloading as well as accessories such as Trijicon scopes.

No matter what anyone’s political feelings about gun control, there is no denying that ammunition is becoming scarcer and more closely regulated.  In the future, it may become even more difficult for anyone to acquire brass for reloading.  Therefore, it is important to stock up on brass supplies, especially those that are already hard to find, in anticipation of future shortages.

Bobcat Brass has a wide network of suppliers and also purchases from private individuals, law enforcement agencies, military installations and others who have large quantities of used brass to sell.  Bobcat Brass then takes the reloading materials, cleans them thoroughly, polishes them and packs them for shipment to new reloaders.  These reloaders find that not only are they receiving top quality, like-new brass for their refiring purposes but that each order is overweighted by about three percent to account for any possible unusable pieces.

Many of the reloaders who buy from Bobcat Brass have been creating reloaded ammunition for years and use large lots of once-fire brass.  Others are those hobbyists who simply want to try out reloading and need supplies to do so.  Still others can only find their particular ammunition type in a very few places and turn to Bobcat Brass for help.

Bobcat Brass has a company mission of providing the highest quality of reloading brass available to those who reload as a hobby or as a way of saving money on ammunition.  As long as reloading supplies are available, Bobcat Brass will continue to provide once-fired brass to reloading hobbyists who use this brass to create new ammunition.

About Bobcat Brass:  Bobcat Brass is a company dedicated to finding, purchasing, cleaning and reselling all types of brass for reloading.  This hobby continues to grow in popularity as the price of ammunition continues to rise and scarcity becomes more common.  Bobcat Brass offers hard-to-find reloading brass, all of which is in premium condition due to the company’s unique cleaning and refinishing process.

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