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( — November 29, 2013) Scottsdale, AZ — 

Orange County, CA– California-based Prologel LLC’s Pain Block© pain relief cream goes on a three-day sale on starting today, with the activation of their discount coupon code provided below.


This is the first time that Prologel has offered the retail version of their professional pain relief lotion. It is their way of giving back to consumers for their support and introducing this amazing product to new users suffering from numerous painful conditions from rheumatoid arthritis to joint pain to plantar fasciitis to conditions as serious as fibromyalgia. 

Pain Block Pain Relief Cream is the result of years of research by renowned prolotherapy specialist and pain management physician Dr. Howard Rosen of Orange County, California. Dr. Rosen designed the mixture based on years of working as a board certified anaesthesiologist and his own experience with pain following a neck injury via a car accident in 1997.


“I had a whiplash injury to my neck from a motor vehicle accident. An orthopaedist told me I would never be able to have my neck bend backward,” Dr. Rosen recalls. “Traditional treatments had only provided a small amount of relief. It was discouraging but I did not give up. I decided to travel the world to learn the best treatments because I hurt too much.”


Later, he learned about proliferation therapy, or “prolotherapy, which is enhancing proliferation of new cells in the affected area of the body to facilitate natural healing. It involved deep injections then, but Dr. Rosen miraculously found a non-invasive and painless way of applying this treatment topically with penetrating agents to get to the painful sources.


Pain Block© is now presented as a lotion which can applied in two ways—topically, which is by rubbing a small amount over the affected area, or through the use of an ultrasound device to press it deeper into the painful area (but not necessary).


Users attest to the effectiveness of Pain Block, one such is Dr. Stanley Lam (MD) whose shoulder pain was relieved by the product when previous treatments failed to do so. “Pain block is one of the great ideas of this century,” he exclaimed.


Pain Block comes in 2 oz. tubes at a regular store price of $24 ($20 + $4 shipping), but is being offered for a mere $12 per tube (+ shipping) or a whopping 40 % discount. All buyers have to do is use the coupon code THANKSGIVING upon checking out of


The coupon code sale is effective from November 29th to 31st only.


To learn more and buy Pain Block, click on this link or paste this link into your browser.



About Dr. Howard Rosen

Currently, Dr. Howard Rosen tours several countries around the globe to bring prolotherapy and his Pain Block gel into mainstream pain management practice, even while he serves in the OC Medical Group in Orange County, CA and heads the Central Coast Pain Institute in Anaheim, CA.


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