Specialized Resource Group Discusses Worker’s Compensation “Red Flags”

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It would be nice to believe that everyone is always honest, but it is a sad fact that when there is money involved, many people bend their ethics, lie and even cheat to get what they want.  This is evident in worker’s compensation claims; in fact, recent evidence shows that up to 30 percent of all worker’s comp claims involve some level of fraud.


Skyrocketing insurance costs mean that employers must be vigilant in spotting false worker’s compensation claims.  Specialized Resource Group, a private investigator firm in Los Angeles, offers several tips to help employers spot false worker’s compensation claims.  While none of these “red flags” are evidence of misconduct, they can signal that it is time to allow a Los Angeles private investigator to examine the case.


  • Timing.  Injuries that occur on a Friday afternoon or Monday morning, or those that occur just before a possible firing or layoff, may indicate that the claimant is attempting to forestall an investigation or negative action on the part of the company.
  • Representation.  A claimant who immediately secures the services of questionable attorney or representative may have something to hide.  Look for conflicting descriptions of the injuries or a history of claims.
  • Attitude.  If a claimant refuses to get treatment or return to work, he or she may be malingering, or “playing sick.”
  • Accessibility.  When a claimant is difficult to reach or uses a P.O. box, never answers the phone and does not answer email, it may be a sign that the claimant has something to hide.


Specialized Resource Group can provide a professional Orange County private investigator to examine worker’s compensation cases and obtain evidence regarding fraudulent claims.  With the help of SRG’s private investigators in Los Angeles, employers have a powerful weapon in combating false worker’s compensation claims.


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