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( — November 30, 2013) Wellington, Wellington — 



After hearing from many businesses struggling to reach new and retain old customers, Digital Pulse Media, a Wellington social media company has recently launched a new product to add to thier stable of ROI tools for businesses – Social Growth is a tool designed for businesses to grow thier Facebook fan base and Likes by providing professionally designed Timeline Covers and Tabs designed to built a list of email addesses so they can continue building relationships with their customers and prospects. 


Social Growth has been set up to help business owners and marketers who find they struggle with social media marketing, especially in this new era where things are moving so quickly and return on investiment in social is difficult. 

Peter Duncan, director of Digital Pulse says “We’re finding most business owners really don’t know how to properly harness social media and are seeing it in the wrong light. They think it’s too much work for not enough gain. So we’re having to educate and inform them that social media is just another channel to start a conversation with people who might be interested in your product or service.”


More and more people are on online daily using Facebook, twitter and linkin, connecting with their favourite companies. They want to be able to contact these businesses quickly and effortlessly.  People want to be able to find companies that sell or provide the service they want straight away when searching on the internet. They want to know deals and offers, specials that are on and they want to be able to interact with these businesses and other customers online.


Duncan says “Social Growth, helps business owners and marketers to become experts in the social arena in a couple of ways: firstly our training and support and secondly our comprehensive training videos. There’s always going to be a chance to improve the way you engage in conversations and bulding your audience by making things more interesting and we show them how to do that.”


Facebook is the social media behmouth and certainly have the mumbers to prove it, with 1.15 Billion users and 700 million daily users. 

A recent survey suggested that 82% of buyers say they trust a company more when it’s CEO and senior management are active in social media.


The survey also concluded that 47% of Americans say that Facebook has a greater impact on their purchasing behaviour than any  other media. 


Businesses certainly cannot afford to be left out in the cold by not joining the party in todays connected economy partliculalry when 70% of monthly active Facebook users in the US are engaged and cvonnected to a local business. Have you been left outside?



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