MotoSynthesis Changes How You’ll Build Your Custom Honda Cafe Forever

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( — December 2, 2013) St.George, Utah — 


Love your classic Honda, But hate the wheels?

If you own a Honda built between “77 and ‘84 chances are you have the factory “Comstar wheel”. Although it is a sturdy and competent wheel, many feel it does not do justice to look of the classic honda. Because many of these motorcycles are equipped with shaft drive and corresponding rear hub it makes it very difficult to swap out the wheel for something more attractive. The disk brakes and spacers on the front also make it difficult to replace with a non-factory wheel. Don’t get discouraged there is a cost effective solution.


Jerry Swanson down at MotoSynthesis is known for his innovative solutions to seemingly unfixable build problems, and his readers agree:


“I am extremely impressed with your craftsmanship. The jog in the CX frame has always been a bone of contention for me. I adapted to it in my first build, but removing it the way you did is the direction I would like to take with my next CX build… ”


And now MotoSynthesis changes market by creating an inexpensive adapter that utilizes the stock Comstar hubs that came on your bike and allows your to lace on a spoke rim of your choice. Imagine the possibilities. If you use 17” rims you open up your world of tire choices. Most new bikes use 17” wheels so the manufacturers make most tires in that size. Everything from the the latest racing rubber to the most durable touring tire. If you go with 18/19” rims you can mount vintage style tires and completely change the look of your bike.



They call the adapter a “Spoke Ring”. It is simply a ring that bolts on your stock Comstar hub and has holes around the perimeter for spokes. Simple and sturdy. To see more build wisdom and to find out more about these game changing spoke kits head on over to their site to check out the easy installation with before and after pics.


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