Homeowners Risk Thousands Failing Timely Reporting of Property and Roof Damage

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(Newswire.net — December 3, 2013) Denver, CO — In the usual insurance scenario, premiums mirror usage; the higher the benefits paid out, the higher the premiums.  Money conscious insurance subscribers may even hold back reporting minor claims, hoping to stave off premium increases. While this may make financial sense when choosing not to report minor door dings on the family car, it may not always be the best practice for homeowners.  

Many homeowner insurance policies clearly state that weather damage to property structures, roofing and peripherals, must be reported within 24 months of a “specific weather event’ to be covered.  Trying to keep premiums down or missing the deadline to report hail, water, wind or storm damage, could result in thousands of out-of-pocket expenses. With the average roof in Colorado now costing in the area of $14,000 this is a mistake many homeowners cannot afford to make. 

The basic costs of repairing or replacing the roof are not the only expensive aspects of failing to report roofing damage. A roof with poor structural integrity can end up doing irreparable damage to the property’s supporting structure, as well as severe damage to the interior and contents. Roof Restoration Sydney experts can help ensure that your roof is in good condition, protecting your treasured family heirlooms.  RJ Rodriguez, owner of TheDenverRoofers.com, encourages homeowners to keep watch over the property, particularly following severe weather events.  Take the time to get a roofing evaluation following storms and record the date and time of the weather event.  While homeowners may not want to invest the time to meet with a roofing contractor, the possibility of losing valuable, already earned benefits, can make it well worth the effort.  Since the quality of the new roof can also impact the value and marketability of the property, it is not a matter to be easily dismissed.  According to a report from ISoldMyHouse.com, “Spending $14,000 on a new roof can add curb appeal and up the asking price by $10,500 for an ROI of 75 percent.”  Other studies show an increase in value from 15% to 40%. 

Rodriguez says a quick call can set you up for an inspection, at your convenience, and the actual meeting and evaluation, rarely takes more than 30 minutes. TheDenverRoofers.com will quickly access the situation, inventory the damages and discuss the probable cause, as the homeowner is guided through the restoration process. At TheDenverRoofers.com, we also caution property owners against dealing with companies who require payment in advance.  “Unfortunately, there have been instances in Colorado where property owners have been bilked by hit and run roofing contractors.” 

Rodriguez says trained roof inspectors will look at the roof, trim, gutters, fencing, and roofing peripherals, like vents and skylights, adding, “There is never any cost for an evaluation from The Denver Roofers, nor is there any obligation to buy, even if damage is found. If no damage is found, it is time well invested for the owner’s peace of mind.  If the damage does appear to be due to traumatic weather, we can help facilitate the insurance reimbursement process.  We deal with all insurance companies and understand the process, as well as the best practices.  There are online sites that track weather history, if the homeowner needs assistance determining when the damage occurred.  Besides, it is good to know a reputable contractor before you need them.” 

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