Should your company have a custom app?

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Custom apps built for your company

Does your company need a custom app? Apps are the rage right now due to it’s simplicity and ease of use. The old days of building a complex website were popular but now it’s about speed and productivity. The mobile revolution is hear and not going away any time soon.

Mobile apps with a simple tap

The real value to having an app for your company is the ‘tap to call’ or ‘tap to view’ simplicity. Everybody takes their cell phone with them when they leave the house.  Information is at their fingertips. You can specialize your company app to help the owner search for information about your company or just to contact you without having to search the web. The app really is not all about information as much as ease of use to contact you. Quick information and tap to call for ordering a product or service, set an appointment or confirming a meeting.

Functionality of custom apps

Make sure to have your app built with ease of use for your customer. Always place the critical information in a tab on the menu. If your building a restaurant app then make sure the menu is first with pricing and of course a phone number to tap. A medical app should have your different departments in a drop down with the tap to call clearly displayed.

Building the app with images

Consumers are very visual people. We love images and with a custom app you should place a link or phone number behind the image. Just placing a phone number can be easily missed and you loose some of your functionality.  A bright pleasing image with ‘tap to call’ wording is the best way for the customer to contact you. The smart phones today are packed with high quality graphic cards to display crisp images. This will separate your custom app from the others as a professional company with the customer in mind.

The automotive industry

I’m going to share an app called the Automotive Emergency App. This is a great app that helps people to contact any department of an auto dealership but serves as an emergency helpful app. The custom app provides great marketing for the dealership but most importantly the customer has a ‘tap to call’ emergency section just in case they are stuck on the side of the road.

Cost of custom apps

One thing to keep in mind is that their are hosting costs to the app. It is not just a build it and your done. Maintenance and updates along with the hosting is a cost incurred by the builder. Once you build your app make sure you feel it’s ninety nine percent done but you can always update them. You probably noticed the 1.2.1 or similar – that is the updating of the app. There is a way to make some of your custom app pages that will automatically update whenever the user re-visits the app. Do not make all your pages this way because it’s time consuming for the customer and some will quit visiting the custom apps because of the time value.

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