Robinsons Appliance Repair Impresses With Fast Mobile Website

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( – December 5, 2013) Spokane, Washington – The new integration of a mobile website enables consumers to have quicker access to local appliance repair technicians. The hottest commodity today is time. A refrigerator, washer or dryer or microwave stops working and you’re losing money and efficiency each day it’s not repaired. Customers are looking for streamlined strategies that solve their problems quickly and Robinson Appliance Repair fills that void.


Robinson Appliance Repair owner, Neil Wiltbank explained how the new mobile website has increased customer satisfaction. “At times an appliance will break down after business hours and you’re left waiting until morning to speak with a customer service rep but our new mobile website allows the customer to schedule appointments whenever the need occurs.” Mr. Wiltbank added, “With the implementation of mobility we’re enabling our customers to instantly reach out to appliance technicians and schedule a repair service quickly. Our website is more convenient; there’s quicker access and less downtime for the consumer.”


Undoubtedly, the mobile lifestyle is a trend that is embracing every household and all areas of daily life. What’s easier than using your smart device to contact your local appliance repair technician and schedule an appointment? It’s become faster than using the telephone.


Mobile web browsing has doubled since 2009 and the numbers continue to rise steadily. According to the consumer research company ComScore, consumers are opting for mobility over stationary computers. The emergence of new technology makes life easier with faster response time. This redesign responds to the positive response from customers, as well as statistical analysis of how visitors use the site and the information accessed most frequently.


Robinson Appliance Repair customers are already experiencing the value of going mobile. “I knew I needed a website that wasn’t just for a computer but also for those who search for my services on their mobile phones.” I get a lot of people who seek appliance repair technicians from their phones because it’s easier to find someone while looking at their broken appliance, whether it be a broken refrigerator, dishwasher, or stove, people are searching more and more on their phones,” quotes Noel Wiltbank, owner. I hear those stories of despair when a refrigerator conks out and you wonder how you’ll save all the food. You wait all night then call a repair service the next morning and then wait until someone can get to you; more than 12 hours wasted.


Over the years Robinson Appliance Repair has serviced regular customers as their appliances required new parts or replacements and we can see the impact our mobile website has on the community. The addition of a mobile website is definitely a quicker alternative to the older status quo.




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