Do These Foods Increase Fat Burning? Information Revealed in New Video

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( — December 6, 2013) Boston, MA — A new video from Health News Wires details the Top Foods for Leptin Release, Fat Burning and Weight Loss. The information in the video details how specific foods increase the production of specific fat-burning hormones in the body.


In addition to revealing the foods that burn fat and increase fat burning hormones, the video details findings demonstrating that consuming certain “cheat meals” at certain times in the day may improve the amount of fat and calories used by the body.


The video describes just how burning extra body fat releases powerful fat-burning hormones and increases weight loss.  The video also demonstrates how staggering the time that specific nutrients are consumed releases more fat-burning hormones.

The video clip wraps up by providing several detailed techniques  and suggestions to optimize production of fat-burnign hormones and improve overall weight loss.

A comprehensive, free,  31-page Top Foods for Leptin Release, Fat Burning and Weight Loss Report is also available at


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