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( — December 6, 2013) AuroraColorado — Sensitivity in your teeth can cause a great amount of discomfort when you eat or drink hot and cold foods. Nothing could be more irritating than to experience pain every time you want to sit down and enjoy a nice meal. One thing people should be aware of is if they’re experiencing sensitivity in their teeth, it could be an early indication for a bigger problem. Dr. Flaviu Oltean of Tower Dental in Aurora, Colorado says sensitivity shouldn’t be ignored. “If your teeth give you pain when you chew your food,” says Dr. Oltean, “it could mean you may need a root canal.”

Dr. Oltean is a family dentist and specializes in a variety of dental fields, including endodontics, in Aurora. “Much of the sensitivity or pain people experience when they eat their food comes from a bacterial infection that is attacking the tooth,” says Dr. Oltean. Other symptoms include inflammation and tenderness in the gums, tooth discoloration, unexplained pain in the nearby lymph nodes. “If left untreated, this could lead to much bigger problems down the road.” Another possible source for this sensitivity could come from a cracked or a chipped tooth. “Many times if a tooth has received damage from an impact,the tooth could chip or crack creating a fissure that allows for bacteria to invade the tooth.”

Whether your tooth may have an infection, or if you have a cracked or damaged tooth, Dr. Oltean says that the best dental treatment is a root canal. “I myself believe, and I think most other dentists would agree, that the best treatment should preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible. That is why I would prescribe an endodontic root canal over a restorative treatment.” Tooth restorations involve removing the tooth in its entirety and replacing it with an expensive and unnecessary implant or bridge. “If the tooth is still relatively healthy,” says Dr. Oltean, “a root canal is the better option than pulling it and replacing it.”

The health of your teeth is an important part of your overall health. “Many people believe that if they brush enough, that’s all they need to do,” says Dr. Oltean, “they don’t feel they need to go to the dentist.” By not maintaining regular visits to the dentist, people risk unnecessary health complications like having to get a root canal. Tower Dental is located near Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colorado. Dr. Oltean and his experienced, professional staff are currently accepting new patients. If your teeth are painfully sensitive, you are encourage to call Tower Dental or visit their website to schedule an appointment.


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