Riedon Introduces Advanced Resistor Technologies

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(Newswire.net — December 6, 2013) Alhambra, California — Riedon is a company that has led the development of cutting-edge resistive technology for many years along with current sense resistors.  Now, Riedon is excited to share its cost-competitive, non-inductive resistor designs with the public and to answer questions about how the company manufactures various items as well as which resistors are most appropriate for various needs. Riedon’s designs achieve superior performance in high-frequency applications and in high-speed pulse circuits.  The PF family of Riedon’s TO-style resistors use advanced power film that is formed on a heat-conducting alumina substrate.  This substrate is soldered to a heat-dissipating copper plate tab for excellent thermal resistance with an ultra-thin profile.
These high-performance resistors are offered in powers from a few up to 600 Watts.  Riedon also manufactures both through-hole and surface mounting configurations.  Best of all, Riedon’s designs are built to be cost-competitive.  Few  other companies can offer the variety of applications with the consistent level of quality and the affordable costs of Riedon technology. According to Phil Ebbert, Riedon’s Vice President of Engineering, all TO-style thin-film resistors have full power-dissipation capabilities.  “The low-inductance design makes these parts ideal for high-frequency applications such as wireless communications,” notes Ebbert.  As the need for low-induction technology continues, Riedon will continue  to capitalize on these design premises and produce even more technologically advanced high-frequency appropriate solutions.
Riedon is proud to produce resistor technology that serves the needs of all types of industries, from military to technology to the medical field.  For more information on Riedon’s superior designs and products, customers can visit the company’s website at www.riedon.com or contact the company directly with questions or requests.
About Riedon:  For more than 45 years, Riedon has been a leader in designing resistive solutions to technology and other fields.  Riedon supplies wirewound, thick and thin film and foil resistive products to industries such as aerospace, the military and instrumentation.  With more than 130 team members worldwide, Riedon offers technical support to customers and manufactures and sells its products at facilities in the United States, Europe, Asia and Mexico.
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