Scott Tucker Chooses Land Rovers For Tanzania Safari

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( — December 6, 2013) Chicago, Illinois — The automotive blog Simply Awesome Cars recently evaluated the use of Land Rovers and Toyota Land Cruisers in Scott Tucker’s latest African safari. Writers for the site decided that Tucker and his outfitters made the right choice by selecting Land Rovers as the primary vehicle for the expedition, and further stated that Toyota Land Cruisers were a good choice for secondary vehicles. The recent article stated that the Land Rover was “the most awesome car of all time for their transport needs”.


According to the recent article, the automotive website considers Land Rover the clear vehicle of choice for anywhere without paved roads and “one of the most iconic vehicles every built”. The article also states that Land Rovers have provided vital protection to safari goers from stampeding elephants and hungry lions.


“Many of us at Simply Awesome Cars are big fans of Scott Tucker,” said Pat Jimenez, an editor of the site, “Scott hosts one of the most educational and entertaining shows on television. He’s a really competent guy, and as car guys, that is important to us.” Jimenez added, “When I saw that Scott Tucker was heading to Africa, I knew it was a great opportunity to write about him on the site, I figured he’d choose Land Rovers, and I’m glad he did because I was able to write about one of my favorite guys on TV and one of my favorite vehicles all in one article.”


Jimenez mentioned that Land Rovers were absolutely the right choice for the safari, but concluded that he didn’t expect anything less from Scott Tucker. “He’s a very capable guy,” said Pat Jimenez, “If you watch the show you can tell that he really knows what he’s talking about, so it’s no surprise he went with the Land Rovers.”


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